Fort Worth’s Newest Real Estate Brokerage Announced

December 20, 2019

Local Fort Worth Real Estate firms RJ Williams & Company and Northern Realty Group announced the merger of the two companies to form the largest locally owned real estate brokerage in the city.  The company will be called Williams Northern Crain (WNC) after the three principle partners.

Together, Ty Williams, Will Northern, and Michael Crain will own-and-operate a brokerage focusing on residential and commercial real estate along with property management in the greater Fort Worth area.

“We have all known one another for a while,” said Northern, “I was looking for someone to run operations at Northern Realty Group and Ty was looking for the same thing for RJ Williams.  When we both realized that Michael was the perfect person for both companies, we decided to combine our strengths into one company.”

WNC will open its doors with approximately 85 licensed real estate agents.  The goal is to exceed 100 agents by the beginning of 2020.

Combine Strengths

Northern will lead the charge for the commercial side of the company.  He has made a name for himself over the years with his attention to helping to create urban villages in the Near Southside, South Main area, and Six Points River East District.

Williams began his residential brokerage nearly four years ago and will use his skill to continue to help agents be the best versions of themselves for their clients.

“I am a TREC certified instructor,” explains Williams.  “It has always been a key component of my business to make sure my agents are educated and knowledgeable in every way possible.”

Crain has an operations and entrepreneur mindset which helped him previously with luxury real estate and property management transactions with another Fort Worth-based company.

All three are partners and will have ownership within all three aspects of WNC.

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